St. Lawrence Market adventures

I’d meant to visit the St. Lawrence Market today before heading to the Toronto Pride Parade later on, but I got sick, so I didn’t get much done T-T.

I got some photos though! Look at this shiny retro ride! Even the passenger looks retro!


Brunch was the lobster roll from the Market Street Catch, a lovely restaurant off to the side of the market. It was okay. I think I’m just getting withdrawals because my beloved Rock Lobster has closed down, and I’ve never had a better lobster roll than the one I’ve had from them, with their buttery hot crispy buns and succulent pieces of lobster with a side of their signature Caesar cocktail, served with an actual lobster tail in the drink. The lobster bisque in the background was alright too, I burned my tongue (my fault) and it was a tad too salty (their fault). Even now the roof of my mouth is peeling dead skin because after burning myself, I ate the salty sour pickle to really kill off my delicate oral lining. Lovely.


At least I got a sweet flag out of today, Winners was handing out free festive flags. My lion-cat now has a pride.


Pride day means alot to me, I feel really lucky that I was born to identify easily as a female, and fall into the heteronormative and accepted category of finding people of the opposite sex attractive. I fell in love with a man and can declare my love to the world with no rebuke. No one will say it’s disgusting and unnatural or hate my existence because I’m enjoying the wonderful feeling of being in love and being with someone who cares for me. Everyone should be able to enjoy this feeling, but it saddens me that not everyone gets that chance, because there are intolerant and ignorant people who don’t want their world views to be challenged, or have their heads so far up their religious text’s ass they can no longer smell the shit coming out of it. I think being in the love is the most wonderful thing, and sometimes you really can’t control who you call in love with, so if two consenting adults decide they’re really meant for each other, why stop a good thing? People who find the concept of two pee pees touching each other gross should grow a pair and find their own ways of dealing with their gross mental incompetence without infringing on the rights of others. Let lovers hold hands, feel the warmth of each other’s affections, find the joy in each other’s embrace and be strengthened by the power that love bestows, no matter who they are. The world needs more of it anyways.


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