Kamala Harris, first female vice president of the United States

As a non-American, I can’t believe how much my mental health was affected by the politics of a foreign country. The flood of relief that came after a gruelling week of intense media reporting was a welcome feeling, followed by the joy and exuberance of something positive for the progress of our society. Kamala Harris has become the first woman to be elected into the second highest position of power in the most powerful country (for now) in the world. What a shining beacon of hope and positivity she has proven to be, from her poise and intelligence displayed during the first vice-presidential debates, to the grace of her election win speech. Joe Biden’s election speech also offered relief and renewed hope for a more unified future, as the chaos of the last administration is swept out, along with their inflammatory rhetorics and abrasive political shenanigans. I was inspired to create this piece in a stencil-style graphic to commemorate this joyous and historic occasion, and hope for even higher strides for feminism and women everywhere. I hope you, too, feel a renewed sense of empowerment and peace. Let’s continue to work together to bring forth a brighter future.

My online shop is now open with new stock!

I opened up a Shopify storefront and have started to release my designs into the interwebs, in case you, too, would like to commemorate this historic moment. Mine is currently being fulfilled and should arrive in 2 weeks. I can’t wait!

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