New Adventures

So big things have happened since my last post, oh, 3 years ago. Most important things off the top of my non-caffeinated head are:

  • Got married. Wohoo!
  • Visited my dreamland, Japan, for my “honeymoon” (which happened before the actual wedding).
  • Visited Iceland, almost died, survived and came home with souvenirs and slight PTSD.
  • Picked up my life and moved to London, UK.

I’m now funemployed and have time to do something about this vanity project, so here I am, back from the dead (apparently).

Westminister Abbey the first day I landed.

I hope to keep my friends, family, and internet stalkers up to date with my new London-based adventures through this website, and will try my best to produce more content to justify paying the hosting costs for this thing.